Filing A Product’s Liability Claim With An Attorney At Law In Northampton, MA

In Massachusetts, consumers have the right to expect safe products. All products available to consumers must undergo testing to eliminate the possibility of injuries. Any products that are hazardous under certain conditions must possess warning labels that identify these circumstances. When consumers use these products and become injured due to a lack of knowledge, they could file a claim. An Attorney At Law in Northampton MA presents them with this opportunity.

Identifying the Flaw or Hazard

Through product evaluation and testing, the flaw or hazard is identified. These assessments must show were the flaw originated initially. In most cases, the flaw is a part of the product’s design. When this is valid, the manufacturer is at fault for providing a product in which they knew a hazard existed.

On the other hand, it could originate during the assembly process. This is determined by testing additional products of the same model. If the flaws existed in one copy of the given model, it is the fault of workers and inspectors.

Contacting the Consumer Rights Protection Agency

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency helps consumers after injuries. They conduct their own investigation to determine if a recall is necessary. They determine if the flaw is repairable or if the entire product needs to be removed from stores. During a recall, the agency notifies consumers. Their decision determines if the manufacturer must fix the item or provide a refund to consumers.

Building a Claim for the Injury Case

The steps that are necessary for building a claim begin with the victim’s medical records. These records determine the nature of the injuries and how they affect the victim’s life. Courts may provide higher settlements for victims with severe injuries or disfigurement. However, they must conclude that the manufacturer was liable.

In Massachusetts, consumers have the right to file formal claims when they become injured. Under consumer rights laws, all manufacturers must provide products that aren’t a risk to the consumers. When they fail to provide information about these risks, they are liable. Victims who sustain injuries should hire an Attorney At Law in Northampton MA by contacting Daniel and Fontaine LLC today. You can also follow them on Twitter for regular updates.

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