Finding a Reliable Attorney Who Practices Labour Employment Law Northampton MA

Labour Employment Law Northampton MA is a very complex area, and no two cases are alike. It can be difficult to know how to handle a workplace injury, discrimination or related matter, especially if an employee is new to the workforce. Below are several tips to simplify the process of finding a reliable employment attorney like Connor Morneau & Olin.

Do Some Research

When making a list of potential attorneys, workers should draw on trusted sources such as friends, family, coworkers and other lawyers. Word-of-mouth is a powerful information source, and online databases can help workers find employment attorneys in their area. NELA, or the National Employment Lawyers Association, has over 3000 members across the country, and most bar associations offer referrals.

Interview Potential Attorneys

Once the employee creates a list of attorneys practicing labour employment law in Northampton MA, they should meet with them before making a selection. Ask about professional certifications, NELA membership and each attorney’s familiarity with current employment laws. Above all, ask to see the attorney’s credentials.

Find an Attorney Who Handles Similar Cases

Employment law is a broad area, and the attorney a worker chooses should have experience with similar cases. Whether the case concerns a labor dispute, harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, or mediation, most employment attorneys tend to have an area of focus. Ask each potential lawyer about his or her experience with a particular case type.

Learn About Employees’ Rights

All employees have state and federal rights such as the right to a safe work environment and the right to fair pay. The lawyer an employee chooses should be an advocate for the client’s rights, and they should work tirelessly to protect them.

Be Cooperative and Honest With the Attorney

Employees should be honest about the case’s details, and they should have realistic expectations for the case’s outcome. The lawyer may ask the client for information and documents to support the claim, or to comply with the law. Cooperating with the attorney is typically in the client’s interest.

Understand the Fee Schedule

Most employment lawyers offer no-obligation consultations, during which the potential client should ask about payment requirements. Whether the attorney charges on an hourly or contingency fee basis depends on the type of services required. By asking these questions of each attorney on the list, workers can accurately compare pricing and services. View website for more details.

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