Finding Chimney Contractors in Brooklyn NY

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Chimneys function best when they are regularly inspected and maintained. In commercial premises, the chimneys serve an important purpose and a problem in their functioning can cost your business a lot. There are many services offered by chimney contractors in Brooklyn NY. With a helping hand from the experts, keeping these important components in the right shape should be as easy as it sounds. Below are some of the services offered by chimney contractors in Brooklyn NY.

Chimney Renovations
Masons and welders in this field are well-equipped to renovate and renew a chimney, making it sufficient to handle anything that is thrown at it. This includes cleaning, cement work, replacement of the bricks, removal of nests and animals present, cement work, and rain caps.

Installed Chimney Stacks
Chimney stacks might require repair, replacement or renovation, depending on their current condition. Since this a visible part of the chimney, it has always got be presentable and attractive. Installing the stacks where they don’t exist improves the general appearance of the place and most importantly; they make a home suitable for daily living.

Smoke Tests and Video Scans
From an external view of the chimney, all might seem well. But who knows what might be transpiring in the unseen parts if not the experts? By use of the latest technology, it is possible to pinpoint a specific problem inside of the structure. Some of the popularly spotted problems include cracks, fallen sections of the chimney, erosion and missing mortar, bricks or clay tiles.

Chimney relining
The linings are clay tiles that are placed throughout the chimney. The linings help in protecting the building from combustibles, provide an ideal flue for the functioning of the related appliances, and prevent corrosion. They also ensure that the fumes from the exhaust system are vented to the outside.

All masons and welders have to possess proof of their competence so to be entrusted with the role to handle these highly delicate issues. US Chimney of Brooklyn NY is the ideal company as it a professional team known for its superb work. The experts are OSHA-certified and all of them are active participants in training sessions intended to sharpen their skills in the field. Visit for more information.

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