Frequently Asked Questions About Lip Fillers In Darien, CT

In Connecticut, patients acquire amazing solutions for thin lips. These cosmetic procedures are minimally invasive and provide women with incredible results. The following are frequently asked questions about Lip Fillers Darien CT.

Why are Lip Fillers Popular?

The fillers are popular for their effects. They achieve brilliant results and give women beautifully plump lips. Women who have thin lips acquire these treatments to achieve a perfect pout that improves their aesthetic appeal. Although they aren’t covered under medical insurance, most practitioners provide affordable rates for these cosmetic treatments.

How are The Treatments Performed?

The practitioner applies a numbing agent to the lips to prevent discomfort. Next, they begin to inject the filler into the lips in stages. This allows for adequate filling throughout the lips that is even and more natural looking. The treatment takes about thirty minutes to complete.

What are the Major Benefits of the Treatments?

These fillers are beneficial due to the heightened control. The practitioner has more control over how much of the product is administered. They can also use a gradual process to ensure that they don’t inject too much of the filler in one location.

Next, they don’t create any lasting bumps around the mouth. The patient may see these lumps for a few hours after the injections. However, they heal quickly and allow for perfectly plump lips.

The fillers don’t present excessive bruising around the mouth. The patient is less likely to experience lasting and unwanted swelling after the procedure. The effects last a considerably longer period, but they aren’t permanent.

Are There Any Risks Associated with These Treatments?

The most common risks and side effects aren’t extensive. The patient can expect some bleeding around the injection sites. They will also experience minimal swelling, bruising and tenderness.

In Connecticut, women seek cosmetic assistance to increase the size of their lips. These procedures aren’t permanent but provide beautifully plump lips. They don’t present them with a fast procedure that doesn’t present excessive risks or side effects. Women who want to acquire Lip Fillers Darien CT contact Russo Aesthetic and Wellness and schedule an appointment today.

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