Galvannealed Steel Sheet Suppliers And Their Product

The automotive industry has a variety of materials from which to choose. While aluminum is a favorite, the industry still employs stainless steel. When selecting the right type of material, the formation and strengthening processes used to form the material are important. While galvanized steel has long been a favorite, a newer method is gaining in popularity. This is galvannealed steel sheet. Suppliers are touting it for its inherent qualities and its suitability for certain applications in the automotive industry.

What is Galvannealed Steel?

Also known as galvanneal steel, galvannealed steel results from the coating of a sheet of carbon steel with zinc. The continuous hot-dip process covers both sides of the steel. The coating then undergoes a heat treatment. The result of this is the conversion of the zinc coating into a zinc-iron alloy. The final composition of the alloy layer tends to be approximately 10% iron.


The surface is now matte and non-spangled. It may also have the appearance of uncoated cold rolled steel. These characteristics prove to be useful when it comes to applications requiring welding and painting. Positive qualities of this galvannealed steel sheet, suppliers state include the following:

 * Less ionization than pure zinc
 * More durable
 * High surface hardness
 * Limited surface corrosion
 * Excellent spot weldability
 * Great adhesion and high-corrosion resistance following stamping
 * Excellent paintability post-fabrication
 * Easily welded
 * Uniform matte (dull) finish

These qualities make galvannealed steel sheet a common material for automobile parts as well as internal/external panels for refrigerators, air conditioners and other appliances that demand high resistance to corrosion.

Galvannealed Steel Sheet Suppliers

If you are looking for a product that offers easy weldability and is effortless to paint but is also durable, consider galvannealed steel sheet. Suppliers are able to offer you this product in a variety of sizes and grades. Contact a reputable galvannealed steel sheet suppliers and talk to their trained staff. They can help you determine whether this is the right product for your application.

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