Game Time on Christmas

A lot of families spend time together watching football around the holidays. Some families enjoy going to the stadium to see a football game near Christmas. Before the bigger games of the year, sometimes stadiums have to replace their scoreboards. Many stadiums are switching from older model scoreboards to a new LED scoreboard display. LED scoreboards have amazing versatility, are more efficient than traditional scoreboards, and can be used to decorate areas outside of the stadium as well.


Sports fans enjoy the versatility of an LED scoreboard display. The “kiss cam”, when a camera operator chooses a kissing couple out of the audience to display on an LED scoreboard, is very popular among sports fans. During the holidays, a full color scoreboard could display Christmas clipart and animations for audience members to enjoy between plays.


LED scoreboards are more energy efficient that traditional scoreboards. Traditional scoreboards cost more to operate than an LED scoreboard display. LED displays also require less maintenance than a traditional scoreboard, and replacing LED bulbs is less expensive than replacing bulbs in a traditional scoreboard. Not to mention, LED displays are always brighter than traditional scoreboards and naturally have a sharper image. Stadiums that charge fans a large amount of money for admission should invest in the best scoreboard system possible.

Beyond the Stadium

Some sporting good stores will remain open on Christmas day so that fans will be able to purchase last minute Christmas gifts. Sporting good stores will sometimes decorate with LED scoreboards to display the scores of the game of the day. During the Christmas season, sporting goods stores will decorate their scoreboards with images of Santa Claus and snowmen.

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