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Even small fires can have catastrophic effects on a home or business. Smoke and water damage are, in some cases, more destructive and hard to deal with than the actual fire damage. Restoration experts routinely encourage property owners to take the steps necessary to initiate remediation efforts as soon as possible after a fire is extinguished. That’s why the area’s top restoration companies provide 24/7 emergency services.

Where Do the Professional Start?

The first step in the restoration process is to eliminate the water left after the fire is out. Drying the area thoroughly not only minimizes the likelihood of mold formation but also allows the restoration experts to analyze the situation and develop a strategy to deal with the damage present. Remember that water seeps everywhere, even to areas between walls, beneath cabinets, and other hidden spaces.

How is Smoke Damage Dealt With?

First, all charred material is removed. The remaining soot is cleaned, which eliminates much of the odor. However, smoke, like water, permeates many materials, meaning special care is needed to identify any substances capable of holding the smokey smell and dealing with each one of those materials. It’s important to work with top professionals when any type of fire restoration is needed. Fire Damage Recovery isn’t a simple process and, if the proper procedures are not followed, the smoke smell will linger long after the fire is out.

Do Fire Damage Restoration Experts Work With Insurance Companies?

The region’s top companies bill the insurance carriers directly to make the process simpler for property owners. While it may seem like a simple thing, direct billing of the insurance company takes one more chore off a fire victim’s to-do list. Of course, the experts also provide free estimates prior to starting any work. Fire victims, whether homeowners or businesses are most concerned with getting their properties back to normal as soon as possible. By working directly with insurance providers, the restoration professionals help make that happen.

For any type of Fire Damage Recovery, contacting the experts at Arizona Mold is a good place to start. Their team is available to deal with restoration and mold remediation whenever help is needed. To get back into a home or business quickly, get in touch with the restoration experts immediately after a fire is extinguished. You can also like them on Facebook!

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