Get Help From A Lawyer If You Believe You Car Is A Lemon

If you buy a new car only to realize in short order that there is a serious defect in it, you may have ended up with one of the thousands of new cars built every year that is a lemon. Every state has its own interpretation and version of the lemon law; the laws are complex and not easy to understand. If you think you have a lemon you need to contact a lemon law lawyer for advice.

What are lemon laws?

Lemon laws are both state and federal; they were enacted to ensure that consumers that bought a vehicle that proved to be defective were protected. The amount of time the vehicle is covered by a states lemon law varies, but all states laws are such that when a substantial defect is found and repair cannot be made after a specified number of attempts you are entitled to either a replacement vehicle of an equal specification or a refund of the price you paid.

How long does it take?

Once the entire process has been completed, you have taken the vehicle in for repair the specified number of times, and it still does not perform as it should, the process begins. An experienced lemon law lawyer knows the law and knows how to apply it. Very few cases ever are litigated; the majority of settlements are made out of court and usually take no longer than 90 days, often less.

How much does a lemon law lawyer charge?

As the aggrieved consumer, you will not be faced with any up front retainer fees or out of pocket expenses. Federal and state lemon laws require that all legal fees are to be paid by the manufacturer. Under these circumstances, it does not make sense to jeopardize your chances of success by going it alone.

Although it is possible to pursue a lemon law claim by yourself, you are wise to hire a seasoned lemon law lawyer to work on your behalf. For more information on the lemon laws in your state, you are invited to visit us

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