Get Your Wood Chopped Right: Lumber Cut To Size in Manhattan

Many carpenters need lumber, and quality lumber, for their projects. Most times, good lumber is almost more important than finding someone to cut it to size. Though the dimensions of the lumber are incredibly essential to the success of the project, so is the lumber’s quality. Before beginning to find a place to cut the lumber correctly, one should ensure the wood that was bought is worth the price and can withstand the necessary pressures to make the building or project.

To begin with, there are two major wood types from which all others derive: hard wood and soft wood. These categories refer to the trees which the lumber comes from. Hard wood classifications are made from deciduous trees, which is a term for trees that lose their leaves when the seasons change from summer to fall to winter. Soft wood classifications are from coniferous trees which do not lose their leaves. The most common coniferous trees have needles instead of leaves, which can be used as an identifying marker.

The pore size of each of these classifications is used to further divide the categories. For example, hardwoods often have pores that are visible to the naked eye. These pores can be Closed Grained or Ring Porous, with the smallest pores being closed and larger ones being ring porous. Soft woods are typically small-pored which makes it difficult for people to notice them. When one knows the pore and wood types of each classification, one can further narrow the wood choice down into products. For example, treated lumber is often used for the exterior part of buildings, while plywood is for shelves. The product type will often depend on the project. If a carpenter wanted to build a small home, he or she would typically use treated lumber for the exterior and dimensional lumber for the interior.

Once the type of wood is decided on, the carpenter can have the Lumber Cut To Size in Manhattan, if in the area. There is a New York City hardware store that works with just about any type of Lumber Cut To Size in Manhattan. By cutting all of the lumber using a business, the carpenter saves time and the headache. He or she can further carry on with other elements of the project during the waiting period.

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