Gum Chewing Questions Answered By Pediatric Dentist in Manahawkin NJ

Chewing bubble gum seems a normal point of childhood. However, gum chewing can do your child’s health serious harm if certain precautions are not taken. Here are some tips for parents about letting their children chew gum from a Pediatric Dentist in Manahawkin NJ.

How Old Should My Child Be To Chew Gum?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under the age of four should never be given gum because small children will swallow the gum. Some pediatricians and pediatric dentists think that a child should be at least five. You know if your child is able to chew gum without swallowing or if your child has problems swallowing normally. If you are not sure, then avoid giving your children gum until they are five.

Is Sugarless Gum Better?

Only let your child have sugarless gum. Gum with sugar being chewed in the mouth leaves a constant source of sugar directly on the teeth for as long as the gum is in your child’s mouth. If your child chews sugar-filled gum long after the gum loses its flavor, then the gum has lost much of it’s sugar content but it is still best to not let your child chew sugary gum at all.

What About Braces?

Gum chewing of even sugarless gum should be avoided when a child is wearing braces. Any sticky foods like salt water taffy or fruit roll-ups need to be avoided to prevent damage to the braces or food particles getting trapped between the braces and your child’s teeth. The food will not come out with normal brushing or using a mouth rinse. When the food rots, it will introduce bacteria that can cause cavities.

When Can My Child Chew Gum After Dental Work?

The answer to this questions depends on what kind of dental work was done. If the child just had a cleaning and x-rays at a Pediatric Dentist in Manahawkin NJ than the child should wait at least one hour before chewing gum.

In Conclusion

Children should be at least four years old before they are allowed to chew gum. When in doubt, leave the gum out. If you have questions about gum chewing and your child’s teeth that have not been answered here and live in the Manahawkin area, contact Little Egg Dental today.

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