Heat Your Home With a Properly Repaired or Installed Boiler in Westchester NY

There are several ways to heat the air and water in your home and one of these is the boiler system. A Boiler in Westchester NY is primarily a home heating system that uses hot water to heat air in a chamber or super-heat the water and distribute steam to radiators. They can burn either natural gas or heating fuel and are often quite complex devices. One of the benefits to modern boiler systems is the efficiency they provide. Many of the current boiler options range in the ninety five percent fuel efficiency ratings. This is much better than most open air furnace appliances. Even more efficiency can be achieved when using a combination boiler/water heating system because the heated water isn’t just sitting in a tank being wasted. Browse website for more information.

Depending on the Boiler Service in Westchester New York and how it is used it could be a closed system. In this case it actually heats a water/glycol combination. This is important to remember because these systems use a specific type of glycol and require that the service technician only use that specific chemical. It is also important to know that you should never use automotive antifreeze or ethylene glycol because these chemicals can allow corrosion in the internal plumbing. The plumber and the user need to keep in mind that all glycol is flammable when exposed to the right amount of heat. Because of this it is important to ensure that any leaks are properly repaired and any leaked media is properly cleaned from the area.

The other side of the boiler is the fuel supply. While most plumbers are certified to handle gas, water and sewer pipes not all of them like to work with gas lines. Boiler repair and installation can require this because many boiler units burn natural gas. Those that burn a liquid fuel will also need piping from the storage tank. Plus, the technician will need to know how to inspect and repair or replace any of the fuel control components. Your heating system is important for your home and the best way to keep it functioning properly is to have it routinely inspected and repaired as required. If you are looking for inspection or repair for your Boiler in Westchester NY be sure to consider Cassidy Plumbing Westchester NY.

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