Heavy Equipment For Sale, Lease or Rent in PA

Construction machinery is expensive and companies may not need a piece of heavy equipment often, depending on the jobs they have on their schedule. Your company may not need a boom lift on a regular basis, but need one to complete a project next month. It is not practical or even feasible to purchase and maintain every piece of heavy equipment you may possibly need for your construction business, plumbing, or contracting business. Luckily, you don’t have to because you have temporary solutions for those times when such machinery is needed. You can rent the equipment you need on a daily/weekly basis, or you can lease it for longer periods of time.

Excavator Rental in Harrisburg PA is an option, along with just about any other heavy equipment you may need and it can be delivered right to you. Should you need that boom lift, you have a choice of a towable one, an articulating one or a telescopic one. Other machinery available for rental includes back hoes, generators, tractors and trailers. All kinds of loaders, such as skid, track, and wheel loaders. Lift options include lightweight self propelled ones, articulating electric ones and specialty access ones. You would be all set in one stop. This is great for a smaller company or one just starting in the business. You could take the time to see what jobs and projects you will be hired for most before making any major purchases. You could start with a few pieces of heavy equipment and rent the rest until your cash flow increases or you are in a position to get a loan to purchase.

Actually, if that Excavator Rental in Harrisburg PA becomes equipment you like or need, you may not need a small business loan to purchase. Slaymaker Group not only rents or leases equipment, it sells it also. You can buy new or used and they have financing available for your convenience. After the sale, they offer parts, support and full service for all heavy equipment. Whether you are just starting out, trying a new project for the first time or doing a special project for that long term customer, you can get the heavy machinery you need delivered to you on a rental basis.

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