Hire a Child Custody Attorney in Overland Park, KS When Your Kids Need You

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Lawyers

Separation and divorce may make the lives of adults easier but that is rarely the case for children. Without both of their parents in their lives, children tend to suffer socially and academically. When parents separate, the children often live with one parent and the other provides monetary support and may get a court order that allows them to spend time with their children alone. Over time, this arrangement may not work out well and the noncustodial parent may need to go back to court to get primary or joint custody of their kids. It is often helpful to have a child custody attorney in Overland Park, KS to help with the court filing and to represent the rights of the parent in court.

Whether a parent chooses to file for custody because he or she feels their children are in danger living with the other parent or because they feel they can give their children a better life, having a lawyer to explain the process and guide them through the complex family court system can make a huge difference. A lawyer can speak on behalf of a client and remove the emotion from the case. Having a lawyer is especially advantageous when the other party doesn’t.

A child custody attorney in Overland Park, KS who has experience working within the family court system can tell a client what to expect throughout the proceedings. If the children’s other parent is not in agreement with a change in custody, the noncustodial parent may have to prove that changing the custody arrangement is in the children’s best interest. The court may assign a custody investigator to help determine where the children should live. Depending on the ages of the kids, the judge or magistrate may also ask for their input.

To learn more about how family courts handle changes in child custody. Noncustodial parents who feel their children are not safe in their current situation should contact an attorney as soon as possible so an investigation can be started and the children can be placed in a safe and secure environment.

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