Hire a Glen Burnie Pest Control Expert to Get Rid of Rats

If rats have invaded your home, it is essential you take the necessary measures to get rid of them. One of the major signs that may show the presence of rats in your home is their small, dark droppings. In most cases, these droppings are not usually in piles, but are scattered along the trails as the rat explores your household. Another sign is the presence of holes and gnaw marks in certain areas, especially in the cupboards. In case you identify such signs, it is imperative you hire a professional pest control expert. There are many methods a Glen Burnie Pest Control expert can use to get rid of rats. The most common methods are trapping and poisoning.

Trapping is one of the most common and safest methods for getting rid of rats. It involves placing a proper number of traps in distinct locations where rats are believed to pass. In most cases, the exterminator will prefer placing some traps along the walls, and inside, or under, cabinets to capitalize the rat’s runway.

Trapping is advantageous if you want the rodent alive. Additionally, it helps to eliminate bad odor that from the dead rats in inaccessible areas or walls when some poisons are used. However, the exterminator may only use this method if your house is not heavily infested by rats.
There are many types of live traps in which the rats are lured by some sweet food into a box or cage through a one way door, thereby getting trapped inside. If you opt to release them, be sure to do so at a far distance away from your home or a neighbour’s house. Otherwise, they are likely to come back again.

Another commonly used method is poisoning. There are a wide range of chemicals and pesticides used to kill rats. Extreme care should be taken to take care of children and pets when this method is used. Poisoning is mostly used when there is a heavy infestation of rats, and when the rats are not wanted alive. Your professional will guide you on the best chemical or pesticide to use depending on the nature of your situation.

Apart from helping you get rid of rats, a Glen Burnie Pest Control professional can help you eliminate other pests such as ants, termites and bedbugs. For more information about pest control, go to Pestcontrolmd.com.

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