Hire a Professional Gas Line Installer to Run a New Gas Line in Your Home or Business

Installing a gas line is a job for a professional technician experienced in gas line installations. Gas is an explosive if mishandled. Although there is a shut off valve at the gas meter, many homeowners don’t realize it is there or they do not completely turn it off. This would never show up until a problem occurred.

The professional gas line installer is aware of how to shut off the gas while he is working with a new gas line. The installer will measure the pipe needed to reach the point of installation. Ordinary pipes and fittings cannot be used with gas; special pipes and fittings are required. Teflon tape should be used to secure the fittings. It is a good idea to buy some gas line leak detection liquid and brush it on every fitting to be sure there are no leaks. A leak will cause this liquid to bubble up and you will notice it immediately. Gas lines can be run a distance from the meter, but care must be exercised to prevent leaks.

Connecting the gas line to an appliance is best accomplished with a steel flex hose which enables this part of the line to be connected to an appliance with flexibility.
If the gas meter runs gas into the house under the slab or through the basement, then you will definitely require professional help. Many new gas meters have so many knobs and valve controls that only a Professional gas line Installer would know how to proceed with a line installation.

Any gas line being routed into the home should be planned for the easiest entry and the safest routing. Only a professional technician can do this. There can be many obstacles to installing a gas line and the homeowner should not risk his safety or his family’s safety.

Do not use CSST tubing to run the gas line from the point of entry into the house. This thin walled pipe can create a fire hazard wherever it is installed. If it is connected to an outside gas source lighting can strike this pipe and create a constant blow torch with a ready supply of fuel. Ask the professional plumber about using this. Contact DrainMasters L.L.C. for more information.

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