Honey Bee Removal in Scottsdale AZ for Swarms and Hives

Many people have a tendency to call all flying insects that sting “bees.” Most of those insects actually are not bees, however. Some are wasps and some are hornets. Each of those biological classifications includes sub-categories of stinging insects such as the yellow jacket and the paper wasp. There are numerous types of bees as well, with the most familiar being the honey bee, carpenter bee, and bumble bee. When someone discovers a population of honey bees on residential property, calling for professional Honey Bee Removal in Scottsdale AZ is the best solution. These bees are extremely valuable to the environment and it’s best not to kill them, especially because their population numbers have dropped dramatically in recent years.

Honey bees can be dangerous because of their ability to sting, and they pose a particular hazard to people allergic to bee stings. Fortunately, only about 5 in 100 individuals is allergic to honey bee venom. The bees rarely sting unless provoked, instinctively understanding that they die immediately after stinging one time. In contrast, wasps and hornets tend to be more aggressive, making their nests more hazardous to everyone in general. No matter which kind of stinging insects are hanging around the property, a service such as A.S.A.P. Bee Removal can handle the problem. Please visit the website Beeremovalnow.com for details.

Even though honey bees usually are not aggressive, a hive of these critters on residential property is not to be taken lightly. Often, there actually is no hive there but instead of a swarm of bees that has stopped there temporarily. This can be an alarming sight, but the bees will move on and will not bother anyone if they are left alone. Either way, the property owners will want to call a service for Honey Bee Removal in Scottsdale AZ and receive some expert advice. If bees have created a hive, technicians can safely remove it and transport the colony to another location. If a swarm is making the home’s residents nervous, technicians can offer recommendations on how long the bees are likely to be there and how to stay out of their way.

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