How a Dentist in Parlin Can Assist With Caries

Sometimes people do not consider dental caries as a disease severe enough. However, it’s a localized disease that causes progressive destruction of teeth at any age, and therefore could cause the loss of those teeth. Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases in humans, caused by multiple risk factors. Treatment and prevention of the disease helps to maintain a healthy and perfect smile. One way to combat the disease is to schedule regular maintenance appointments with your local Dentist in Parlin.

How does it manifest?

In its initial form, dental caries manifests as a progressive enamel color change. As the lesions progress, pain is enhanced if the bacteria appears affecting the nerve. This happens if there is a loss of tooth enamel and pulp necrosis is present. If the infection is not treated, it can progress to the soft tissues surrounding the tooth, popping an abscess. In severe cases, the enamel breaks causing tooth visible tooth decay. At this point, you should definitely schedule an appointment with an Emergency Dentist to repair the issue.

How can we prevent tooth decay?

Preventing tooth decay is the responsibility of the individual and their dentist. First, health education is the most important pillar. Be aware of routine hygiene habits, and know the risks and complications that can cause tooth decay, as this is crucial to maintain a healthy mouth. On a practical level, using mechanical or chemical methods helps us to maintain control and remove plaque accumulated on teeth.

Brushing is the most essential habit. It’s recommended that you perform this procedure after each meal, or at least twice daily. For better cleaning, it’s recommend using dental floss in addition to brushing. The use of mouthwash also prevents tooth decay. To get more tips, you should visit your Dentist in Parlin.

Other recommendations

The proper implementation of dental hygiene is not the only way to prevent caries. The type of diet significantly influences the onset of infection, so it’s important to maintain good nutrition. Avoiding excess carbohydrates (sugars) and enhancing foods with vitamins and minerals (especially calcium), forms the perfect diet to maintain a healthy mouth. It’s advisable not to snack between meals, since food debris accumulate on the teeth until the next brushing. Regular visits to your dentist in Parlin can help prevent the occurrence of tooth decay and strengthen your oral health education.

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