How Can the Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Fayette County PA Help You?

When under the care of a doctor, you expect medical expertise. Unfortunately, not all doctors act according to their Hippocratic Oath. When you are injured or become ill because of the actions or neglect of your medical care provider, they should be held responsible. To learn about your rights and find out how you can pursue a case, it is important you contact one of the Medical Malpractice Attorneys Fayette County PA.

There are four basic areas you must prove in a medical malpractice case. The statutes of limitation vary by state so it is important you act as quickly as possible and hire one of the Medical Malpractice Attorneys Fayette County PA to help you pursue a case. The attorney will gather evidence that can be used to prove the following:

1. You must prove you were under the doctor’s care when the incident occurred. If you hired a doctor and he or she began treating you, this is fairly easy to prove through medical bills and records.

2. Your attorney will also help you prove the doctor was negligent. You must be able to prove the doctor caused you harm because of their actions. It is also important you are able to prove any other competent doctor would not have acted in the same manner. This is often proven through medical professional testimony.

3. It is important your attorney is able to prove the negligence caused your injury or illness. Since you were already most likely under the care of the doctor for an injury or illness, this can complicate proving your doctor is at fault. Through your medical records and other evidence, your attorney can help to prove fault in your case.

4. You will also need to prove the injury caused you measurable damages such as: pain and suffering, mental distress, further medical bills, lost wages and lost wage potential.

If you attorney is successful at proving all of these parts of your case, the jury will find in your favor. It will be up to the jury to decide what type of compensation package you will be awarded. If you are able to prove the doctor knowingly acted negligently, you may be awarded punitive damages as well.

To get the legal help you need for your case, contact Thomas E. Crenney & Associates LLC. Through this attorney, you can pursue a case in court and get compensated for your injuries and damages.

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