How Home Care Agencies in Bethesda Can Help, Even When It May Seem Unnecessary

An elderly person may be independent enough to do everything they need to do to get through the day. In the home care industry, this is referred to as activities of daily living (ADL’s for short). If an elderly person can feed themselves, bathe themselves, and move around, they have generally independent enough to not need many types of home care. A son or daughter may easily see them as being more than capable of caring for themselves, and that is true. But, working with one of the Home Care Agencies in Bethesda may still be a logical option. The reason may have to do with another nefarious and unforeseen threat. This is heat.

A heat stroke can come at any time during the summer season when the temperatures in Maryland soar. Elderly people are not as resilient and adaptable to heat. For one, heart complications can make blood flow poor, which is absolutely necessary to cool the body during the heat. An elderly person taking heart medication may be independent and able to do their ADL’s, but they can still face serious consequences in the heat.

Another issue is pills. Pills have a tendency to dehydrate. They hasten water loss in the body, which is a major dilemma when trying to fight against the oppressive heat. A heat stroke is sneaky, and one can feel a slight light-headedness as the only major symptom before a collapse.

On paper, the elderly may be independent. But, an influx of necessary pills and any heart condition could be enough to put them at serious risk during the hot season. It may be worth exploring home care agencies in Bethesda if a loved one has some of these issues. Contact us for more on the type of care received and the rates. The facility is not a typical nursing home. There are many individuals who have the freedom to live at their own pace, and the only task by the team members is keeping an eye on the heat levels and making sure they are not at risk. The team members may do laying down exercises during the heat to promote circulation.

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