How to Choose a Home Remodeling Contractor in Bergen County

Home remodeling is an exciting process, if a bit inconvenient at times. The right remodeler can give a person the home of their dreams, while the wrong one can result in months of hassle. When choosing a Home Remodeling Contractor in Bergen County, following the steps below can make the difference between sleepless nights and total confidence.

Ask the Contractor for Referrals

There are other ways to find a contractor, but word-of-mouth is the best way to find the right remodeler for the job. Ask coworkers, neighbors, family and friends whom they’ve had a good experience with, and ask why the experience was so positive. Good contractors are proactive in handling problems, and most people are happy to offer recommendations when they’d use a contractor again.

Examine the Contractor’s Credentials

With the recommendations received in the step above, the homeowner can do preliminary research over the phone or online. Determine whether the contractor holds the right city and state licenses, and find out whether they belong to professional associations such as NARI (the National Association or the Remodeling Industry) or the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Choose a contractor like RWS Build & Remodeling who invests in continuing education and one who has passed tests to earn industry certifications. However, not all certifications carry equal weight-;it’s up to the homeowner to learn the requirements for each certification.

Narrow the Field and Interview Candidates

When the homeowner has made a list of potential contractors, it’s time to shorten the list and interview each candidate. The list should consist of at least three contractors, and the customer should carefully consider how the remodeler answers questions while asking plenty of their own.

Verify References

One should not hire a Home Remodeling Contractor in Bergen County without asking to see photos of their previous work. If the contractor is willing to do so, the customer should ask for the contact information of recent clients. From here, homeowners can get valuable information on the contractor’s record for being on time and on budget, and they can find out what type of customer service is to be expected.

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