How To Prevent Graffiti With Garage Door Repair in Boston MA

by | May 4, 2016 | Garage Door Services

Graffiti is a growing problem in many American cities, including Boston. Cleaning up graffiti costs Americans millions of dollars a year. Graffiti taggers are not given a priority by police departments, so preventing and cleaning up graffiti are up to you. Garage doors are big targets, but some garage doors are more attractive to taggers than others. Here are some tips from on how to prevent graffiti on your garage door.

Change to Rougher Material

It’s harder for graffiti taggers to spray paint their tags and logos on rougher, uneven surfaces than on smooth surfaces. Contact Garage Door Repair in Boston MA service to switch to a new door with rougher surface materials. Also consider changing to materials easier to clean, such as glass, metal or polished granite.

Shine a Light

Graffiti taggers need to work in the dark so they do not get picked up by the police. Make your garage door unattractive by adding lights and motion detector lights around your property. Setting up a security camera – even a fake one – can also deter taggers.

Cover with Protective Wire Mesh

Adding a very small-mesh wire screen can protect flat surfaces like garage doors from taggers. The mesh openings need to be small in order to prevent climbing. Some homeowners have worked up removable screens to protect their property. Talk with your favorite Garage Door Repair in Boston MA service to see if a wire mesh is possible for your particular garage door.

Use Darker Doors

Taggers tend to carry dark-colored paint with them, so painting on an already dark surface will greatly diminish how their tags look. Most taggers want their work to be immediately eye-catching. Changing garage doors to dark colors helps discourage these taggers.

Remove Items That Could Be Used As Ladders

It’s far harder to remove graffiti that is well above your arm’s reach. Taggers often like to go high up a door because they know how difficult it would be for the garage owner to remove or repaint the tag. Remove any object near your garage that could be climbed on, such as trash cans, toys, trees, bushes or parked vehicles.

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