How To Talk To Your Orthodontist

If you are a parent, unless you and your spouse have amazing dental genes and your child hit the genetic jackpot, odds are good you have had a discussion about getting braces for your children. Braces do a lot more than simply change the smile line of the jaw; the discussion of orthodontia is a common one for most parents. Having properly aligned teeth keeps the jaw from suffering unnecessary tensions, makes dental hygiene easier, profoundly increases self-esteem, and prevents unnecessary shifting or breaking of teeth; this is why so many parents have to discuss the option of braces for their children. If you are in the Minnesota area and are looking for orthodontic services, here are a few questions to ask your orthodontist as you work your way towards determining whether or not braces are right for your child currently or in the future.

Question #1 – Qualifications
You want to make sure your orthodontist has the proper qualifications to be putting braces on your kid. You may have personal preferences such as your orthodontist having graduated from a particular school, or that they have a set number of years of experience before you are willing to trust them with your child’s mouth. Whatever your rules are, make sure you discuss your doctor’s orthodontic qualifications so you can feel comfortable choosing to move forward with braces, because proper orthodontics involves much more than just affixing some brackets to teeth and wiring them together.

Question #2 – Price
Pricing isn’t likely to fluctuate too much because of location; for example, if you live in the Minnesota area then a Chaska based orthodontist is going to be just as expensive as any other location. Make sure you discuss payment options with your orthodontist so you can arrange your budgetary changes accordingly. Verify if there is a flat fee for braces, or if there are any one-off costs or hidden fees which you should be made aware of up front.

Question #3 – Children Concerns
Your kid is the one who is going to have to be wearing these braces for as many years as it takes for their teeth to straighten out. As such, make sure you discuss the fact that you are considering braces and ask for any questions or concerns your child may have. It can be hard for children to accept such a life changing endeavor, instant gratification is usually at the forefront of a child’s behavior, so you should assure your child that good things come to those who are patient and your decision has their best interests in mind. Just about everyone who gets braces worries about what kinds of food they won’t be able to eat and potential teasing. Some kids will be worried about being able to play sports, and you should know for most patients playing sports with braces is not a problem. However, wearing mouth guards is generally advisable for contact sports like football.

If you are seeking information on braces, the orthodontic care at Kottemann Orthodontics in Chaska, MN is first-rate, and they will be able to provide all the information and advice you need on the braces process.

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