How & Where To Get Medical Marijuana In Glenview, Illinois

More to the point is – can you get it legally? Considering that this is an affluent suburban village located in Cook County on the north shore of Lake Michigan, you might wonder what interest its residents would have in acquiring drugs of any kind – legal or not?

The Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act

This act became effective on January 1ST, 2015 and is a valid reason for residents in any part of Illinois to show an interest in legally acquiring medicinal cannabis. Federal authorities still see this as a controlled Class 1 drug and anything to do with it is against Federal Law.

Under their Compassionate Use Program, the legislators in Illinois chose to differ from Federal opinion over the subject of medicinal cannabis. They felt that there is a wealth of clinical evidence showing that, whilst medicinal use might not produce miraculous cures, it is extremely effective in providing relief from many symptoms and side effects of various debilitating illnesses. It was their opinion that, regardless of Federal Regulations, any resident of Illinois should have the right to select a treatment that could improve the quality of their life despite the ravages of sickness. The Compassionate Use Of Medical Cannabis Program allows certain qualified patients to investigate such treatment and, in many cases, benefit from it.

How To Be A Part Of The Program?

First of all, participation is strictly limited to confirmed residents of Illinois. Originally only those over 18 years of age but special arrangements are being put in place to accommodate younger persons deemed to be in need of such treatment.

Secondly, evidence must be provided that the intending participant does genuinely suffer from a debilitating illness that has shown to respond to medicinal cannabis. This evidence should be provided by a qualified physician (or similar) who has some length of personal knowledge of the intending participant. There are also official fees that have to accompany the application.

Once approved by the IDPH (Illinois Department of Public Health), the applicant will be granted a special identification card which has a validity of one year. The next step is to register, under their ID card, at a State approved medicinal cannabis dispensary. They should note that this will become their only outlet and they cannot purchase at any other dispensary without officially re-registering.

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