Important Facts about Air conditioner Systems Honolulu

With so many varieties of air conditioning equipment to choose from, selecting the right air conditioner systems Honolulu can be a very confusing venture. It is therefore imperative that you get expert guidance for you to buy a suitable air conditioner that will not necessitate your incurring unnecessary costs or give you unforeseen hardships. Below are some important factors to consider while investing in an air conditioning system.

The size of your home

Invest in a unit whose capacity is equivalent to the size of your home. Many people get deceived into thinking that the more the capacity the better. However, this assumption is false for a system that is too big will heat or cool fast. In addition to making you incur added expenses through inflated utility bills, the ultimate result of this short cycle is wear and tear, reduced product life and dehumidification. On the other hand, a system with too little capacity may not keep the whole house cold.

Efficiency of the compressor and the unit

Being the most expensive part of an air conditioner to replace, the compressor should be an important factor for your consideration before investing in an air conditioning system. It is advisable that you invest in a unit whose compressor has an additional warranty that is separate from the standard cooling system warranty. An efficient unit means more saving on energy costs and more comfort for your home all year long. It is therefore imperative that you invest in a High Seasonal Efficiency Rating (SEER) conditioner. Click here for more details.

Consider the number of heating and cooling hours required

If you are usually away from home for long periods of the day or night, it is advisable to invest in a system whose thermostat can be programmed, in such a way that it uses less energy while you are gone and adjusts itself to comfortable house temperatures when you are back.

Getting the right air conditioning system for your home will largely depend on the contractor you choose. If you are looking for reliable and affordable air conditioner systems Honolulu, contact Air Source Air conditioning, who will not only provide the initial installation of your system, they will also provide continued maintenance of your system for many years. For more information, visit

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