Important Information About Slab Leak Detection in Hampton Georgia

Most homes are built with a concrete slab on the ground as the foundation. The plumbing pipes run under the concrete slab. Typically, these pipes are strong enough to resist leaks, but they may occur. When this happens, a slab leak occurs. This can damage your foundation and the structures of your home. It can also cause your municipal water bill to go high. This is why it is crucial you find out if you have a slab leak, so you can have it repaired as soon as possible, to avoid damage to your home.

There are several signs that can alert you of slab leaks. They include:

  • If you hear water running under the floor, yet you know no water is on, this most likely means you have a slab leak.
  • Hot spots in the floor can be a good indicator of a slab leak. You may suddenly walk across a hot spot or feel an increase in humidity in specific areas of your floor. A slab leak in the hot water line under your concrete slab will result in hot water pooling under your foundation. This will cause you to feel the hot spots.
  • You may also notice saturated grass around your home. When slab leaks become severe, the ground around your home will begin to show major levels of moisture.
  • It is a good idea to check your water meter on a regular basis and keep track of your water bill. If it continues to go up, this is a good indicator of a slab leak.

When you hire a plumber for Slab Leak Detection in Hampton Georgia, your entire home does not have to be torn up to detect the leak. Using special diagnostic tools, the plumber can find the exact area of your slab leak, so it can be repaired. This will involve minimal disruption to your home and can normally be repaired quickly. If you are in need of further information, Click here. Through a plumber, you can overcome your slab leak, so your home’s structure is no longer in danger from water damage.


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