Important Things to Know about Commercial Air Compressors

A commercial air compressor is an important part of many businesses these days. Without a good compressor, you can’t use any of your air-powered tools or machinery. If you own a large fleet of vehicles, you need something to keep all the tires inflated and radiators clean. There are times when you need air compressor rental services in Los Angeles, and it’s important to understand how compressors work because not all equipment is the same. Here is important information to help.


As soon as your Los Angeles air compressor rental service delivers your compressor, check it out. Check the oil in the engine and look for signs of fluid leaks. Before you hook up hoses and fittings, make sure they have the right rating for the machine. You can check them by looking at the PSI (pounds per square inch) ratings.

Familiarize Yourself with the Equipment

Look over the compressor before you start it up. Locate the shut-off valve. Make sure all the hoses or lines are not in the way and secure them. Don’t leave hoses disconnected without fittings. A bare hose can turn into a dangerous weapon if someone accidentally turns on the compressor, so keep hoses in a safe place.

Make sure your air hoses do not lay across areas where vehicles travel. They can easily get damaged or ruined. Also, hoses are tripping hazards and can cause accidents.

Cleaning Safety

Be careful when using compressed air to clean equipment. Never use an air hose to clean things off your clothing or skin. Always wear eye protection during the cleaning process.

Pneumatic Tools

Practice tool safety by turning off the compressor after using tools. When you are near hazardous fumes, make sure your tools are properly grounded. If you notice problems with the equipment call your air compressor rental company in Los Angeles for help.

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