In-Office or Home Teeth Whitening in Phillipsburg?

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Dental Services

There are plenty of reasons to go with professional Teeth Whitening in Phillipsburg. However, many people still choose home remedies or OTC brands to help them whiten their teeth. Even though these may help whiten your smile, they are nowhere near the amount of brightness you can get with in-seat whitening. The problem with using bleaching strips and pencils is that it’s impossible to uniformly apply the bleaching agent to the tooth surface, so whitening tooth surfaces may be uneven. Here are some other things to keep in mind.

More visible and uniform results can be achieved with the use of whitening toothpastes and gels. These are applied to the surface of the teeth and under the action of ultraviolet radiation, which emits active oxygen and whitens teeth. The whitening gel can also be applied to the tooth surfaces using caps in order to avoid burning the oral mucosa. There are similar kits for home bleaching, complete with standard trays or even an ultraviolet lamp.

Although the principle of operation of such sets is similar to in-chair Teeth Whitening in Phillipsburg, they are distinguished by a lower content of active ingredients in the paste and the use of a standard capacitor. Results from their use will also be more modest than you get at the dentist. The maximum results you get from OTC kits will lighten your teeth 3-4 shades. This is why contacting a cosmetic dentist is so important if you are serious about dental whitening.

It is best to whiten your teeth at the dentist. The advantages of professional whitening are many. Firstly, the dentist will use individual mouthpieces, and secondly, the professional whitening system is much more efficient. Furthermore, any stress on the tooth enamel that is normally created by whitening is lessened by special bleaching gels containing minerals and fluoride.

A good professional Teeth Whitening in Phillipsburg allows for teeth whitening 8-10 tones. It should be noted that a manipulation of bleaching of different people have lead to different results. This is due to the individual characteristics of the structure of the tooth tissue. Also, individual side effects can appear when bleaching.

Some people say bleaching may cause severe hypersensitive teeth. In the event of such a problem, the doctor may conduct additional procedures. In any case, that sensitivity will decrease over time. For more information, contact the teeth whitening centre today.

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