Is Chemical Stump Removal An Effective Shortcut or Does Stump Removal in Norwich CT Need to Be Done the Classic Way?

Classic Stump Removal in Norwich CT involves a tool aptly called a stump remover. It involves a giant drill, a small team, and some patience. It is the most widely accepted method for stump removal, and it involves a lot of hard manual labor. But, many experts are suggesting a chemical treatment option- with mixed results. Is the chemical stump removal strategy really the best way? There are some good things about the chemical process, but it also has a few blatant flaws.

Firstly, the chemical process is great as an auxiliary treatment option. The chemical is applied to the surface of the stump. Some may drill a small hole into the center of the stump and add the chemicals in that way. Regardless, the chemical solution will degrade and essentially decompose the stump. The chemical will work over time. The big question is, how long will it take? If the chemical works fine, then everyone would be using it. The big catch to the chemical treatment option is that it can easily take well over a year. Most are reporting full decomposition of the stump after three years.

That is hardly an acceptable amount of time for anyone looking to reshape their landscape over a season. The chemical treatment is simply not up to par for treating the stump. With a landscaper that needs it done quickly, the only legitimate method for Stump Removal in Norwich CT is the use of a high-end stump remover. The DIY strategy is not feasible, especially since the equipment is expensive and hard to find.

The chemical treatment option is typically used in conjunction with the equipment. In short, the chemicals are added deep within the confines of the stump. The stump is declared “dead” to hasten the process (live stumps take considerably longer to degrade with chemicals). Periodically, the professional will add more chemicals and chip away at the outer edges of the stump. The equipment is used for the final removal, and the chemicals may be used for about three weeks leading up to it. Visit Dunn’s Tree Service for more on receiving professional assistance.

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    Author: Greene Connor

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