Is It Necessary To Hire A Workers Compensation Attorney?

In most cases, whether you hire a workers compensation attorney or not depend for the most part on the severity of your injury and the complexity of your specific case. It is possible to forego representation if your injury is minor and you missed very little work and your employer admits that your injury is work-related.

As a Chicago workers compensation attorney offers a free initial consultation, if you have any doubts, take advantage of the offer. There may be potential problems that you are not aware of, problems that are best solved by an attorney.

When you should hire an attorney:

There are some situations where you should contact an attorney:

  • Denial of claim or failure to receive benefits: Your employer’s insurance company may reject what you know to be a bonafide claim, this frequently happens. The insurance companies know that many injured workers fail to take action. A workers compensation attorney does not get paid until you receive a fair settlement, hiring one is in your best interest.
  • Insufficient settlement: If you are offered a settlement, and it falls far below your expectations, do not rely on a compensation judge to rule differently. The only way to get the best possible settlement is to hire a seasoned Chicago workers compensation attorney and pursue the case.
  • Your injuries result in permanent disability: If your injuries are such that you will never work again, the cost to the insurance company will be very high, and they will try everything they can to avoid paying. In cases such as this, it is imperative to have a workers compensation attorney on your side.

Worker’s compensation does a reasonably good job at doing what it was designed to do which is to ensure injured workers get fair and prompt compensation. Unfortunately, employers and their insurers try to avoid paying if they can get away with it. To ensure you are treated fairly and given proper compensation, do not hesitate to hire a knowledgeable attorney.

Workers compensation is there to ensure injured workers are compensated properly. If you are having difficulty, contact a Chicago workers compensation attorney. You are invited to discuss your case with the Shea Law Group.

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