Mezzanine Storage Systems Are Not All the Same

Mezzanine storage systems are meant to make the most out of any floor space by adding a vertical dimension to it. In any warehouse or other work station, the goal is to increase the amount of workable space within the operation. When you do this, you make every square foot count for more. But, there are a variety of systems available and each one of them is a bit different from the next. Which one will give you the outcome and features you need? To know this, focus first on knowing what your options are.

Types of Systems to Consider

There are various types of mezzanine storage systems available today and plenty of customization options as well. Freestanding systems are perhaps the most common option. As their name implies, these are fixtures within a space that can be put up and disassembled and moved as needed. Many times, they are designed for your specific location and have steel support systems. They provide double or more of your flood space.

Integrated mezzanines are a secondary option. This type of system becomes a part of the structure of the building. These will usually have a concrete floor. This option is best for those instances when you need a higher load bearing capability of your system. Shelving and rack supported systems and catwalk systems are additional options. Both are a bit different in terms of setup, but they all facilitate a wide range of features.

How do you choose the mezzanine storage systems right for your specific area? Work with a warehouse design team who can help you to determine the right option for your individual structure. With so many options, it is possible to find the ideal choice for any of your specific needs, budgets, or warehouse limitations.

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