Overcoming your fear of the dentist

by | Aug 27, 2014 | Dentist

With a little work it is possible to overcome the fear that many people have of dentists. In a lot of cases these fears are actually valid, the fear many stem from painful dental experiences in the past. Depending on the degree of your fear you can overcome it by your choice of dentists in Annapolis, for those who have a deep rooted fear a psychiatrist may have to be consulted to help you overcome the panic situation you feel even at the first thoughts of a dentist. The most important thing is to have a dentist that is sympathetic and can communicate with you on your level of discomfort or fear.

Most people can trace their fear of dentists back to some bad experience in the past. It could be anything; perhaps the dentist you had rushed the treatment or was rough with you; or you could have had rough treatment from a dental hygienist. In many cases the fear of the dentist goes back to childhood when the dentist was seen as an authoritative figure or was condescending, given you harsh words over the way you cared for your teeth. Situations like this are not typical but as a child it only takes one bad experience to make you want to never see a dentist again.

In many cases finding the right dentists in Annapolis is the key to overcoming your fear. If you are dealing with a skilled dentist who is patient and understands your particular situation this alone can help you deal with future visits. There are also many dentists today who practice sedation dentistry, this makes the visit pain free; in most cases you can’t even remember what treatment you had.

This all sounds easy but too many people it is not. The best way to find a great dentist is to ask the people you know. Once you are ready to make an appointment do not hesitate to tell the dentist or the receptionist of your fears. You might want to make a visit at http://www.annapolisdentalassociates.net/annapolis-dentists.aspx  or at office to consult with the dentist, ensuring that the office environment is relaxing and the dentist makes you feel comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to ask Dr. Berger and Dr. Waddell plenty of questions about what procedures they will be carrying out and what materials they will be using, in this way you know what to expect. Eventually you will find that you will be able to lie back in the chair, close your eyes and listen to the music in the office.

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