Palm Springs is Smokin’ with Cannabis Tourism

Cannabis tourism is a big attraction in California, and Palm Springs is a new hotspot. The city is cannabis friendly and, in fact, recently licensed the first Amsterdam-style cannabis social club in SoCal. However, there are a few things that first-time visitors need to keep in mind before blazing that trail.

  • Despite California having legal recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries, it is illegal to bring them into the national (federal) parks. This includes the San Bernardino National Forest, the Santa Rosa Mountains and San Jacinto National Monument, and Joshua Tree National Monument.

  • Smoking – of anything – in California’s state parks can get you some issues as well. Fires are an ever-present danger during the dry season, and you could face substantial fines even if the fire started accidentally.

  • Look for cannabis-friendly accommodations. Hotels are serious when they say that their non-smoking rooms are non-smoking for everything. You could be handed a fat bill for the cleaning and deodorize of your room after that killer sesh.

  • Use a legal dispensary. Marijuana dispensaries are not all created equal. Legal marijuana dispensaries in Palm Springs have to conform with California marijuana laws that include packaging that tells consumers what they’re buying. Shady dispensaries often have shady products where you don’t know what you’re getting.

  • You can carry a maximum of one ounce of marijuana, but cannot smoke in public or drive while under the influence.

  • You must be 21 years old to purchase recreational cannabis or 18 years of age with a valid medical card.

  • You may gift marijuana one ounce or less to someone 21 years of age, but you are not allowed to charge for it. All marijuana sales must be handled through the licensed dispensary system.

These are just a few guidelines to make your trip a pleasant experience for yourself and the community around you. Enjoy your trip!

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