Photographs That Show the Beginning of the Journey

Recently, engagement photography in Northern Virginia has become much more popular. It’s an opportunity to foresee the upcoming love and bond shared by two people. Once a couple becomes engaged a lot of planning must take place. The celebration of uniting two people includes many family and friends. Announcing this celebration through photos is the best way to extend these exciting, happy and romantic emotions.


Photography That Sets the Tone for the Wedding

Engagement photography has many benefits but the best part of it, is it eases the planning process of the actual wedding. It establishes a rapport with a photographer you plan on hiring for the wedding. Once you’ve carefully selected a photographer that has the proper equipment and experience with doing both engagement and wedding photography, you can relax and start building a relationship. During the engagement photo session, you can feel at ease. Unlike a wedding event where you’re surrounded by multitudes of people requiring your presence, you have plenty of time to figure out what’s comfortable for you in front of the camera. It can be comforting knowing that you’re in a natural setting with just yourself and your partner and the photographer. Then the photographer can spend time giving you advice on poses and facial expressions. You can start feeling natural in front of the photographer and in turn the photographer can start becoming familiar with what comes natural to the couple. You are essentially setting the tone for the wedding.


Photographs that show the beginning of the journey

Engagement photography is the foreground of capturing moments. It’s the beginning of your timeline that you plan on spending with each other and photos; especially clear, professional ones, are the best reminder of how you felt at that certain time with your significant other. Begin the process with engagement photography and there will be no end, photos are timeless and the memories are everlasting.

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