Physical Therapy in New Waverly, TX Helps a Person Regain Their Mobility

People with painful back conditions have found that the combination of chiropractic care and Physical Therapy in New Waverly TX can successfully help them. The chiropractor reviews MRI and X-ray results to determine where the problem is located. He may see that small bones in the neck are out of alignment. Hip bones may be interfering with the sciatic nerve. These are caused by weak or tight muscles and tendons. They chiropractor can perform a manipulation to return the bones to their proper locations. The patient may feel better immediately.

However, the weak muscles and tight ligaments can’t keep them in their proper spot. In a few days or weeks, the chiropractor will have to put them back into alignment. Physical Therapy in New Waverly TX can work with patients to strengthen their muscles and make them more flexible. As their body gets into shape, the person will need fewer alignments. A modern physical therapy practice will have a variety of exercise equipment for the patient to use. It will also have a variety of electronic stimulation tools to help muscles get stronger.

There are times when surgery is necessary. It could be time for a new hip or knee. The physical therapist will work with the patient to gain their strength back and regain their flexibility. In addition to working out on a physical therapy table, there will be exercise balls, treadmills, free weights and even aquatic exercise. Varying the exercise doesn’t let the muscles get used to one routine. This actually makes them recover more quickly.

The physical therapist can encourage the patient work to their full capacity, while keeping them safe. People who have been in pain for years may be afraid to move. The physical therapist can put their hands on the muscles and joints and feel if it is stretched or working to capacity. As the patient develops confidence, the movements will be larger and more certain. This will maximize the mobility that the patient will be able to achieve.

Patients and their families can Visit Willis Spine & Rehabilitation Center to see the facility and learn more about their therapy options.

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