Plumbing Repair in Lubbock: Unclogging Your Kitchen Drain

Having a functional plumbing system will ensure the safe delivery of water for daily activities. This network of pipes, drain fittings, valves, and valve assemblies also transports waste-water away from a home and helps keep gases from entering the home through plumbing pipes. When there a a block in the kitchen drain, the accumulation of debris and grime can cause toxic fumes and disease to enter the environment of the home. By following simple guidelines, you can perform simple Plumbing Repair in Lubbock to unclog your drain.

The first step should involve using a metal coat hanger to try to dislodge any substances from your kitchen drain. Bend the end of the wire into a hook. Lower this hook into the drain opening. Work it past the drain cover until you make contact with the clog. The aim of this task is to pull materials out instead of pushing them further into the drain system. Gently push the hook of the into the clog. Wiggle it if you have to. When you get through it, start pulling the wire out slowly to capture hair, grease, and other accumulated materials. Repeat this a few times until you have extracted a good portion of the clog. However, if there is still material hindering the drain, try another method for your Plumbing Repair in Lubbock.

Mixing baking soda and vinegar together will result in a mixture that can clear the drain. Use 1/3 cup baking soda and 1/3 up vinegar. Mix this in a cup before you pour it into the drain. Slowly pour it into the drain. These ingredients should sit for about 2 hours to allow the bubbles of gas to work through the clog. After 2 hours, run hot water down the drain. Repeat with this step if the clog remains with the exception of letting the mixture sit overnight. When this is not successful, move onto other method for Plumbing Repair in Lubbock.

Plumbing Repair in Lubbock allows you to fix your plumbing system yourself so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on plumbing contractors. When using these two basic methods fails, it’s a good idea to other methods before calling a plumbing contractor.

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