Preparing Breakables For Interstate Moving in Washington DC

When a family decides to move to another area, packing up personal belongings for the trip is a part of the process to conduct. Fragile items require a bit of extra care so they do not become damaged when a service that does Interstate Moving in Washington DC picks them up to bring them to the new home. Here are some tips to help to keep breakables safe when they are required to be moved in a truck for a long distance.

Acquire The Right Materials Necessary

Obtain plenty of packing supplies well before the move to help with the process of getting items protected for a ride. Sturdy cardboard boxes, plastic storage tubs, crates, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and packing tape are all necessary for the packing procedures. These items are easy to find in home goods stores or packing supply companies. New boxes are necessary as they tend to weaken after prior usage.

Package Items With Ample Protection

When packaging breakables, use more protective coverings than necessary to ensure items remain intact when being moved. Wrap pieces of bubble wrap around each item and secure it in place with tape. Fill a box, bin, or crate with a few inches of foam peanuts. Set the wrapped item on the layer of cushioning and add more packing peanuts around and on top of the wrapped item. Secure the enclosure with plenty of packing tape afterward.

Label Items So Movers Are Aware Of The Contents

Items prone to damage require alerting moving service workers of their presence. To do this, place labels on each package so the contents inside are easy to determine. Make sure to use a dark marker and write the information in large, printed text. Place a label on each side of a package so the information is readable from any angle.

Consider Using A Moving Service To Help

Some moving companies offer packing services to their customers. Call a moving business and inquire about this before starting to package items, as this will save time. When a moving service takes upon this task, the items packaged by them are guaranteed to arrive at their destination without damage.

When there is a need to prepare for Interstate Moving in Washington DC, calling the right business to assist is a must. Check out a website like to find out more now. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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