Professional Roofing in Gig Harbor Service Helps Roofs Recover From Storms

Roofs and gutters should be checked after every serious thunderstorm or hailstorm. Small dents or cracks caused by such storms, if left untreated, cause big roof repair bills later on. A good rule of thumb is to have the roof inspected after any storm that dumps hail, heavy amounts of water or gusts from 50 mph or more. Hiring a Roofing in Gig Harbor professional is the most economic and time saving way to get this done right. The safest way to get a roof checked is always to get someone else to do it.

Signs of Water Damage

Any sign of water damage inside the home is an emergency. These include stains on the ceiling or walls and any scent of mold. Check the attic or crawlspace for any puddles, mildew or dripping. If these are not fixed right away, the damp wood may rot. This not only compromises a home’s structure but also sets out a virtual welcome mat for invading pests like raccoons, rats and squirrels. They can easily bust threw or chew their way through weakened wood or roofing materials and set up home in the attic or crawlspace.

Signs of Damage Seen From Ground Level

While the roofer checks out damage to the roof, gutters, flashing, siding and tiles, any homeowner that can walk can check for storm damage by walking around the house. Check to see if any shingles are on the ground or bits of metal that may have come from the roof. Make sure the roof meets the chimney and the skyline at the same angle it did before the storm hit. If a large branch dropped from a tree, tell the contractor to check the roof for damage from the branch’s fall.

Contact Home Insurance Company

Homeowners with policies covering storm damage need the help of a good Roofing in Gig Harbor service to help with the insurance company. Many roofing services will photograph the damage so the homeowner can prove the damage was done to the insurance company. Depending on the policy, the insurance company may reimburse the homeowner’s roof or gutter repair costs or pay the contractor directly. Often a claim form needs filling out before any money can be released. The help of a professional roofer to help back a claim always makes a claim look better.

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