Professional Tree Care in Medford NJ is a Phone Call Away

Trees are a beautiful and important part of any landscape. Unfortunately, rampant growth, interior rot and storm damage can leave a homeowner with an unsightly liability or with actual property damage from those same trees. Removal and cleanup can be time consuming and dangerous. Most often it is prudent to call in a professional tree service.

Homeowners who are experienced with chain saws and axes can certainly fell and trim trees which need removal, but even then disposal and cleanup can prove difficult. Few cities have landfills which are open to the public, and paying for city employees or private contractors to haul debris away can often prove to be nearly as expensive as hiring a tree service for the entire job. Stump removal always requires expertise, and stumps are unsightly and detract from the appearance of the property.

Tree care in Medford NJ is available around the clock. Big Timber Tree Service is a local, family owned business specializing in tree removal and site cleanup. With natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy likely, access to emergency tree services is of paramount importance. Electrical lines downed by storms, roof damage to homes from falling trees and road blockages preventing emergency personnel and equipment from getting where they need to be all require expert, professional crews to be on the job immediately.

Even when the weather is not an issue, danger from falling trees can be present. Like everything else, trees have a life span. Older, diseased trees can damage cars, property and injure passersby seemingly at random. Before an incident happens, homeowners can take preventive action and Contact Big Timber Tree Service LLC for an estimate. With 28 years’ experience and a good safety record, removal can be accomplished without incident.

Not all trees need complete removal. Tree care in Medford NJ can inspect and advise property owners of the best course of action. Sometimes branch removal, trimming or shaping is all that is necessary for the cosmetic care and to ensure safety to people and property. Expert advice can prevent owners from attempting to act on their own, with possible adverse consequences, ending with a problem that has been made worse. Professional tree care prevents problems.

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