Protect Your Home From Disaster Using Expert Termite Control

There are many pests that can invade your home and destroy your peace of mind, but one of the worst are termites. Termites can do a lot of damage to a home before they are discovered because they live inside the wood materials that most homes are made from.

The reason they do so much damage is because they survive by consuming dead plant matter, usually in the form of dead leaves or wood. Since the wood that people build homes from is already dried and cured it makes the perfect meal for certain termites and a colony of termites can make quick work of the timber before moving on to something else. In these instances it is time for a little Termite Control.

There are several types of termites that might affect your home including the Formosan termite, Drywood termites and subterranean termites. How each are handled often depends on how bad these insects have infested your property. One of the things the exterminator will look for are water sources that the insect can use.

These can be small underwater puddles from rain or dripping pipes or water that pools in the yard. If possible they will treat these water sources with bait that can be carried back to the colony. Once the bait is inside the rest of the colony will consume it and die. Unfortunately, it may take a lot of bait and some time to accomplish this feat because termite colonies can be quite large.

Another treatment involves making small trenches around any places that a termite can use to access the home or removing those access routes. With elevated homes this means trenches around the cinder blocks or supporting beams. With concrete slabs the trench will be placed all around the home. This method is more for prevention, but it is useful when eliminating termites with the most potent tool the exterminator has, fumigation tents.

By trapping the termites inside the home the fumigation has a much better chance of killing all of the insects. If you have seen signs of termites such as tunnels in the wood or larvae then it is time to contact an expert in Termite Control such as Bates Exterminating. This is a problem that should addressed as quickly as possible because termites can easily destroy the structure of your home.

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