Quality Dentures in Cary IL and How to Take Care of Them

We are proud to serve Cary and the surrounding areas and we can help you get back you healthy and beautiful smile with a set of full or partial dentures. While we can give you the means of restoring your smile, it is ultimately up to you to take care of your dentures and to keep them looking their absolute best.  Here are a few good tips for cleaning and caring for your dentures that will help them last longer, look better, and keep you happy.  When it comes to dentures in Cary IL, we recommend our patients do these things:

Tips for Dental Care and Cleaning

1. Keep dentures out for a minimum of 8 hours a day- most people choose to do this at night when they are sleeping. This is done to ensure the bacteria in your mouth won’t get established on the dentures.

2. Return for all regular dental examinations and keep follow-up appointments and procedure requests. Keeping tabs on the overall health of your mouth and the dentures is important to ensure a quality fit.

3. Continue to care for your mouth the same way you would with your nature teeth. Brushing is still needed and mouthwash is always helpful. Flossing may not be possible with some denture designs.

4. It is also necessary to remember that while they look like real teeth, dentures are not as strong as natural teeth. This means things like chewing on ice or hard candy can chip or break them.

5. You should soak dentures overnight in a special denture cleaning solution each and every night to aid in the rising of food particles and to help fight the growth of harmful bacteria.

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