Rear Loader Garbage Truck- A Brief Introduction

Any individual who is part of the waste disposal business will know that it is a pretty lucrative industry. For starters, everyone needs waste disposal. As the population in urban areas has grown significantly, more and more companies have arisen in order to deal with the rising threat of inappropriate waste disposal. One of the staple features of a waste disposal company is the rear loader garbage truck, also known commonly as the waste disposal truck. The rear loader garbage truck is different from conventional hauling trucks, and is designed to ensure that the smell of the waste does not seep out of the truck, while the waste itself remains properly contained.

A rear loader garbage truck is essentially a standard truck on the outside. It has a powerful engine (designed for hauling large weights) attached, and is usually a six or nine wheeler truck. The sizes of a rear loader garbage truck vary depending upon the requirements of the company. They start from 10 yards, but can go as high as 40 yards. Larger companies usually use 40 yards, which have the maximum cubic feet of waste storage available. These are massive trucks, and are used to remove trash from larger cities.

How Does It Work?

A rear loader garbage truck has a roll off mechanism fitted at the back. The roll off mechanism makes use of hydraulic pistons in order to literally lift the whole waste compartment (which is installed at the back of the truck) in a diagonal position, hence allowing for the dumping of waste at a disposal site. The trash is lifted and thrown in the back of the truck using a slider compartment, which opens half way in order to allow for the collection of trash. The trash compartment is usually quite massive, and the opening is slightly curved in order to ensure that the waste does not fall off during the bumps. While the truck is moving, the trash compartment is automatically shut off in some modern rear loader garbage trucks. In others, a manual system is installed.

Are Parts Readily Available?

Depending upon the model of the truck that a company is using, the availability of parts might vary. Usually, the roll off mechanism and the rear loader is installed on top of the truck by a separate company, which also provides the replacement parts for the loader itself. However, parts for the truck will have to be sourced from the automobile company that manufactured the truck in the first place. Most trucks usually have a life span of 10-15 years, after which companies are required by law to replace them.

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