Retaining Walls: 5 Reasons It’s Better to Hire Pros Than Go for a DIY Approach

Leveling your landscape might sound easy. But here’s why it makes sense to hire experts to put up those retaining walls in Martinez CA instead of opting for the DIY approach:

Project size

Plenty of sites online provide you with handy steps and instructions on how to build those walls on your own. All you need is a solid base and a compacted base material along with an excellent drainage and you’ll be good to go, say the Family Handyman. However, that’s only going to work if the walls won’t go further beyond four feet. Anything bigger than that is going to need the expertise and know-how of an engineer.

Speedy results

Pros are bound to get things done faster. Want efficient and speedy results? Then hiring experts to build those retaining walls in Martinez CA is the right choice for you.


With years of experience and training in the field, experts know what the best techniques and practices are. They’re up to date with current trends. They can assess your property with ease and determine problem areas, all of which they’ll factor in when they come up with plans for these walls.


By hiring pros to handle all the work, you can focus on doing something else with your time. If you’d rather sleep all day or spend your weekends with the rest of your family, that’s going to be easy enough to do. Have pros come into your home and build those walls.


Avoiding the DIY approach also means there’s zero risk of you making a mistake with the wall. Pros know if a retaining wall is right for your plot of land or not. That’s why it pays to consult with one before you start making plans. If you just go ahead, you could end up spending time and money on a project that isn’t right for your yard at all.

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