Reviewing Steps For A Dog Attack Case With An Accident Attorney In Virginia Beach, VA

In Virginia, dog attacks are a direct result of a pet owner’s failures. These failures relate to city ordinances and laws that weren’t followed. The pet owner is required to follow leash laws. They must take steps to stop their dog from attacking visitors and service providers. An accident attorney in Virginia Beach, VA builds a personal injury claim for victims of dog attacks.

Previous Dog Attacks

A history of previous dog attacks presents the pet owner with a strict liability. The liability indicates that they were aware of the dog’s aggressive behavior and should have taken action. This failure leads to an award for pain and suffering. The pet owner will be required to pay all medical costs associated with the dog attack. They must also submit a payment for any additional losses.

The Animal Control Officer

The animal control officer must notify the pet owner after the attack. They request information about the dog’s vaccination records. The pet owner must show evidence of rabies vaccinations. If they don’t have rabies vaccinations, the animal control requests a quarantine.

Behavior Patterns and a Risk to the Public

The quarantine period is used to assess a risk to the public. If the dog is excessively aggressive, it is probable to believe he or she has rabies. However, the quarantine period of twelve days provides adequate time for signs of the virus to appear. If the dog has rabies, he or she is euthanized. If they don’t, the animal control officer must evaluate the vet’s findings and determine if the dog presents a risk to the public.

The pet owner will pay fines for not vaccinating their dog. If the dog lives, they are required by law to acquire rabies vaccinations. They incur the full cost of the quarantine which includes boarding services for the dog.

In Virginia, dog attacks can produce serious and life-threatening injuries. The outcome of the victim’s medical treatment could determine if the animal is euthanized or not. A pet owner who failed to prevent the accident is liable for these injuries and their full cost. Victims of a dog attack contact an accident attorney in Virginia Beach, VA through Price Perkins Larkin.

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