Roof Repair Contractors in Thornton, CO Offer Suggestions about Shingle Roof Repairs

While a shingle roof is a durable and affordable roof, it normally needs replacement after about twenty years. So, if you are constantly having repairs made to your roof, you may need to think about installing a new roof instead. By speaking to a contractor, you can see the pros and cons of both repair and new roof installation.

How Does Your Ceiling Look?

Before you make a decision then, you need to contact roof repair contractors in Thornton, CO to see where you currently stand with respect to repair and replacement. Normally, technicians in the field will ask a homeowner a number of salient questions. For example, they may ask how your interior ceiling looks. Normally, if you see flakes of paint or water stains, a roof replacement is in order. However, if an isolated area is exhibiting this problem, then you may only need to schedule a repair.

Is Your Roof Failing?

If you continue to schedule repairs, you will find that the process can become cost-prohibitive. While it is fine to contact roof repair contractors for minor repairs, it can get costly if the roof is old and the roof is damaged or failing. All in all, it may be better to tear off the current roof and replace the membrane before making another repair.

When you talk to roof repair contractors, they will no doubt assess the damaged areas of your roof. If the damage, statistically, is over 30%, you should stop making repairs and replace the roof. If your roof is older (twenty or more years old) and features issues such as cracked shingles or curls, it is time to make an upgrade.

Should you plan to sell your home anytime in the near future and your roof is older, it is better to simply go ahead and re-roof the house. After all, a new roof can make it easier to sell your house and adds more value to your property. In order to see the advantages of re-roofing, review the roof services offered on websites such as online.

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