Roof Repair in Santa Fe TX: Dealing With 3 Common Metallic Roof Issues

Metallic roofs are very common, especially in commercial buildings and structures like sheds and barns in the home. They are popular because of their ease of installation and cost-effectiveness. However, metallic roofs tend to wear out faster than shingles and tiles, especially when the metal used in making the roof is not painted or galvanized. Here are tips from Roof Repair Santa Fe TX experts on dealing with metallic roof weaknesses.

Restoring a leaking metal roof

Leaks are the most common problem with metallic roofs. Leaks normally occur at the seams, fasteners, valley gutters, skylights and anywhere else where there is a penetration through the roof. To repair a roof leak:

  • Clear all the debris present on the roof and the drains.
  • Tighten the fasteners and if any are missing, have them replaced.
  • Use a rust arrestor to remove all the accumulated rust. The rust arrestor should be used at least 24 hours before power washing the roof.
  • Repair fasteners and seams and seal them against leakages, seal the areas surrounding skylights, flashings and any other penetrations.

Repairing holes in the roof

Holes can appear in the metal roof as a result of poor installation, excessive traffic on the roof and excessive rusting. When holes appear in the roof, rainwater starts leaking all over the contents of the house, causing water damage. It is easy for Roof Repair Santa Fe TX experts to fix holes in the roof, depending on the cause of the hole. If the holes are tiny and are a result of poor installation, it is possible to use a sealant to cover the spaces. However, when the holes are wider, you will need pieces of the metal to cover the patches that have been left gaping.

Dealing with rust

Apart from the above discussed ways of dealing with rust, there are several other alternatives that are available such as painting the roof. An expert in Roof Repair Santa Fe TX will know the right roof repair techniques to use for all problems.

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