Safety Stimulus: A Solar Powered Beacon Grabs Attention

Beacons have always acted as a means of warning sailors about problems at sea. They shone a light to direct ships safely into harbor. Lighthouses were one effective form of flashing beacons. They attracted attention to a specific site. Today, people turn to smaller beacons. They even use technology to harness the rays of the sun producing a solar powered flashing beacon that can prove to be effective in drawing attention to a certain sign, situation or problem.

Promoting Safety

Motorists are creatures of habit. They also have a tendency to ignore something that does not attract their attention unless they are looking for it. As police and emergency vehicles demonstrate, nothing quite catches the eye and emotions of a driver than a flashing red or amber light. It causes them to react – usually by slowing down and paying attention. This makes the road safer and can save someone’s life.

Companies commonly employ flashing beacons to act as a means to enhance a specific sign or merely warn motorists and pedestrians about a potential danger. They promote safer driving behavior. Research indicates that people do pay attention to flashing lights and do decrease their speed, proceeding safely and with greater caution than to a sign alone or a sign and a non-flashing or stationary light. In fact, drivers may reduce their speed by several miles, therefore decreasing the risk of fatalities occurring. As a result, flashing beacons are often preferred for various application.

Applications of Flashing Beacons – Solar or Battery Operated

Flashing beacons, no matter what their source of power, are favored for various applications. You can find them employed in heavy or dangerous traffic situations such as in the following situations or locations:

  • Construction zones
  • Industrial zones
  • Military facilities
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Railway Crossings
  • Roadway warnings
  • School Crossings
  • Work zones

All utilize a battery or solar powered flashing beacon to ensure the safety of all involved. Some prefer solar powered beacons as they provide specific benefits to those employ them

Benefits of a Solar Powered Flashing Beacon

Those who turn to solar powered flashing beacons to provide them with safety measures, also benefit from several characteristics inherent and built-in to the latest version of the ancient beacon method of protection. Solar beacons are environmentally friendlier than their counterparts are. At the same time, they use less energy; they are also a cost-effective means of acting as a protective measure.

New technology has improve the basic system so it matches the new regulations governing such systems. From high-efficiency batteries to photovoltaic technology, LEDs, precise computer-controlled timing and versatility, a solar powered flashing beacon has it all and more to offer.

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