Save Money and Resources: Make the Switch to Solar Power in Hawaii

Solar power is the future of energy production. Unlike traditional means of producing electricity, it does not use non-renewable natural resources or contribute to global warming. And, it does save you money while increasing your building’s energy independence.

The electricity provided by a coal, nuclear, or natural gas power plant relies on limited natural resources. Once solar panels have been produced, there is no further need for fuel, as they take the abundant energy of the sun and convert it into power for your home. Recent scientific research has proven unequivocally that gas, coal, and uranium do not come in infinite supply, making traditional means of energy production via inefficient and pollution-heavy power plants ultimately unsustainable. While these resources are limited, sunlight is reliable and consistent.

Solar Power in Hawaii where the sun shines brightly for much of the day year around, is a growing market. This benefits the environment and the consumer. With solar panels, there is no harmful release of gasses such as the carbon monoxide and methane byproducts endemic to coal and gas power, and there’s no sign of the highly toxic nuclear waste created by nuclear power. So, you get to sleep better knowing that you’re doing your part to prevent further damage from global warming.

And, unlike traditional energy production methods, solar power can be produced on site at your home and business, saving you money and increasing your energy independence. Until recent times energy production for individual homes and businesses has been inefficient. Power plants have been created to centrally create and store power, using up further resources to get it where it needs to go, and creating a consumer dependence on the power grid. With solar energy, you can reliably produce and store your own power on-site with panels and a battery bank. And, because everyone’s power needs are different, you can purchase only as many panels and batteries for your solar array as are necessary to provide for your individual needs.

Hawaii is leading the pack in terms of US energy production. More of this great state’s energy is produced through solar and other renewable means than any of the continental United States. Those using it have seen estimated savings of up to $65,000 over a 20 year period. You can appreciate the monetary savings and peace of mind offered by Solar Power in Hawaii by contacting The Sonshine Solar Corp.

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