Scuba Diving Solo: How to Get Your Dive Certification in Key Largo

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Business & Economics

Sure, going on a guided scuba diving tour through the waters of Key Largo is a wonderful experience, but if you really enjoy the sport, nothing beats the freedom of diving without an instructor. However, you’ll need to become certified to be allowed to rent equipment and make dives on your own. Here’s a basic outline of the steps you’ll need to take to get a dive certification in Key Largo.

General Requirements

Like any sport, scuba diving can be physically taxing and even dangerous. Because of this, not everyone is a good scuba diving candidate. You may not be able to get a dive certification if:

* You’re under 12 years old.

* You have a medical condition that would make diving alone dangerous, like epilepsy.

* You have ongoing health issues that could affect the inner ear, like chronic infections.

* You’re not physically fit enough to swim continuously for 200 yards or float unassisted for 10 minutes.

Finding an Instructor

If your doctor gives you the okay to dive, your next step is to find a good scuba instructor. Find a reputable dive center that employs experienced divers and offers classes that will allow you to get a dive certification in Key Largo upon completion. For your convenience, find a dive center that has an on-site pool for practice and that includes equipment rental in the course costs.

Take the Course

There are many diving courses available for students who wish to become certified. If you’re a novice, you’ll want to start with a basic open-water diving certification class. These classes combine classroom instruction, practice training in a swimming pool, and open water training. You’ll need to successfully complete each portion of the course to get your diver certification. Here’s a general overview of what you’ll be required to master in a dive certification class:

* You’ll learn the safety skills important to solo open water dives.

* An instructor will teach you how to clear water from a mask, breathe through a regulator, and control your buoyancy in the water.

* You’ll practice how to swim with fins.

* An instructor will teach you what you need to do in emergency situations.

* You’ll learn how to ascend and descend in open water.

Scuba diving is an exciting sport that lets you experience the beauty of the underwater world up close. Getting your dive certification will give you the freedom to explore the water whenever you wish.

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