Security Camera Systems in OKC can Keep your Family Safe

by | Sep 25, 2014 | Security Services

Your home is your castle, and you should feel comfortable and safe inside. However, home invasions and break-ins happen, and when they do, victims are often left feeling unsafe. Many people relocate after a home burglary, but others try to stop break-ins before they occur with home security systems. Here, you will learn about Security Camera Systems OKC that are available.

Video Surveillance: Keeping an Eye on your Home

There are a few ways to monitor your home, and the most common are: CCTV cameras, surveillance digital video recorders, and IP monitoring. The DVR works like yesteryear’s security tapes, but you can record longer and clearer video. Camera systems are also evolving thanks to the DVR; now you can watch your house while you’re vacationing, or observe your children as they are at home alone.

Today’s surveillance systems cover the exterior of your home, protecting you and your family from burglars and prowlers. Many outdoor cameras have features like waterproof housings and infrared capability, which allow you to see thieves attempting to hide under the cover of darkness.

Broadband internet has enabled homeowners to access their security camera systems remotely. You can see your home from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device, and if you see trouble, you can call local police and watch as the thieves are apprehended.

Statistics on Home Disasters

  • 20% of homes will have a fire or break-in
  • 90% of convicted thieves would avoid a house with a video surveillance or security system
  • Home security systems and cameras make homes 300% less likely to be invaded

These quick stats prove how common home burglaries are, and they demonstrate how a video security system can protect your home and your family. Home invasions and break-ins are an unfortunate fact of modern life, but you can prepare and protect yourself with a home surveillance system that has cameras, DVR and remote viewing capabilities. Your home is your safe place -; shouldn’t you do everything you can to protect it? By installing Security Camera Systems OKC, can help to keep your family, home and belongings safe.


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