Signs of a Cavity: Dental Fillings in Bowie, MD

Cavities are small holes found in the teeth caused by lack of hygiene, upkeep, and other general dental care. There are a few different ways to find out whether you have a cavity. If you feel like you are getting some, you might need dental fillings.


Signs of cavities can include toothaches, sensitive teeth, pain, or even noticeable holes in the teeth. An aching jaw does not always mean a cavity. For instance, someone can sleep in the wrong position and wake up with an aching jaw, or feel stressed and clench his or her teeth too tightly. However, if you are unsure about the cause of your aching jaw, you should seek help from a professional like a dentist.

Preventative Actions

Brushing teeth, flossing, using mouthwash, and avoiding excess sugar, soda, and high-fructose foods can prevent cavities. Taking moderation into consideration when eating and drinking can help ensure that cavities do not creep up on you. Cavities can also lead to tooth loss. However, taking action against cavities early on can allow you to keep all of your teeth.

Getting a Filling

If you are unsure who handles Fillings Portland all you need to do is ask for a referral. Most general dentists provide dental fillings when needed. The dentist begins by filing the cavity and cleaning the hole. Then he or she will add a series of liquids and bonding agents that fill in the hole. The cavity, once filled, is then sealed to prevent further damage later on. Any excess material left is ground down so that there are no extra bumps in the tooth after the process is completed.

After getting fillings, the patient should feel encouraged to continue brushing and taking preventative action in order to avoid getting more cavities. Cavities are common, but they can be minimized by good dental practices. But if you do get one, it is always better to get a filling than to let a cavity rot your entire tooth.

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